The Astrosyn ultra thin hybrid stepper motor has opened up a myriad of new applications where a precision drive is needed for an impossibly small space.

To achieve this, new injection moulding techniques have been used to make space available internally, enabling the motors to be thinner while producing greater torque.  Efficiency is increased by 30% because the space saving design enables the use of more windings with lower resistance, resulting in a 27% reduction in temperature rise.

The new model MY9401-07N is a size 23 rare earth hybrid stepper motor with a body length of only 9mm.  The bipolar wound 2.2A motor has a very smooth rotary movement due to the 1.8 degree full step angle.  Exceptionally compact, the MY9401-07N weighs only 80g, but despite that is is a precision-built motor with a holding torque of 8 Ncm.