Special AC Motors

specialacFor applications in hostile environments, Astrosyn offers an extensive range of high specification AC electric motors custom built to military specifications.

Over four decades, Astrosyn has been a regular supplier of special AC electrical motors for use in harsh environments that require combat readiness. Under such hostile conditions, performance parameters are especially rigorous and the total reliability of motors to drive essential services is stringently tested to extremes.

From the heat and humidity of the tropics to the intense cold of the polar regions, Astrosyn's motors are designed to meet stringent pre-defined Naval Engineering Standards. These standards specify demanding noise, vibration and atmospheric criteria, resulting in exceptional products that yield both military and commercial benefits.

Our special AC motors are used to power a wide range of vital marine, naval and submarine services, including sonar and radar systems, fire pumps and mission-critical services. With this pedigree, the resultant performance parameters can often apply directly to demanding commercial projects that call for features such as submersible operation, weather resistance, temperature extremes, shock tolerance and ultra low vibration.Please contact us regarding your specific requirements.

Astrosyn are the UK Agents for Combimac.

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