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Astrosyn offers the widest range of high performance electrical rotating components and electronics with a diversity of choice to satisfy the demand for the keenest cost effectiveness.


For over four decades the name of Astrosyn has been known internationally as the first source for high performance electrical rotating components designed to meet the demanding specifications of a diversity of clients ranging from Blue Chip Companies and Own Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) to Government Agencies. The Company is an Approved Supplier to the UK Government Ministry of Defence.

Our products and services

Stepper Motors, Drives and Accessories

A universal range with performance ratings to fulfill both popular and unusual applications

EU Shipments

There is now a minimum order value of £150.00 for deliveries to the EU.





Special AC & DC Motors

Built to the strict criteria of Defence Standards, ruggedly engineered for shock, and with low noise, vibration and magnetic field emission.

Industrial DC Motors

Field wound and permanent magnet models suited to industrial and submersible applications.


Electronics Components

Including Lawtronics Eprom Erasers and rugged Lawtronics HSK Enclosures.

Custom Designs

Design and development of motors and electronics for specialist OEM integration.

Adaptable design service

Adaptable design service
Astrosyn takes pride in a truly adaptable design service to provide cost-effective motor customisation.

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Posted Dec 2019

“I am using these MY17RMDAMP for my Y axis Stepper off a Press I3 Clone that was horribly loud.  Now I cant even hear it printing!  I would absolutely recommend these dampers.”

Posted Mar 2020

The product arrived very quickly and was packaged very nicely.Tried one of the drivers and was amazed at how quiet and how much there was in an improvement in the running of the machine there was. I am very happy with the product ! Will do business with them again!

Posted July 2020

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