The growing 3D printer market is reported to have generated a huge increase in demand for Astrosyn’s flange mounted antivibration dampers.  These energy-absorbing rubber mounts are designed for small industrial motors, such as steppers and servos.


When fitted in 3D printers they virtually eliminate the otherwise unbearable harmonic frequencies generated by the stepper motors and amplified through the printer.  Other traditional applications include security cameras, engraving machines, and sample movement systems in analytical instruments.

Available in NEMA motor frame sizes 16, 17, 22 and 23, the dampers can be retrofitted easily to existing motors.  The dampers have a 6mm profile for the smaller sizes and 10mm for the larger ones, allowing them to be used with standard shaft length motors.

Robust but lightweight, the dampers can be mounted directly into the motor flange.  Threaded mounting holes are provided on the damper’s metal mounting face.

General access holes of 22mm or 40mm are large enough to accommodate a spigot and gear or pulley.