Q: Does Astrosyn sell PM steppers online?
A: No. This is because most PM stepper applications are customised to match the motor to a specific duty. Our preference is to work with our customers by trialling samples in a pre-production environment before agreeing a final PM stepper motor specification.

Q: Do you offer customised PM stepper motors?
A: Yes, we can supply PM stepper motors with a very wide range of custom options, including special shafts, flanges, wiring, connectors and accessories such as gearboxes. We would be pleased to quote for your specific requirement.

Q: Are the products compliant with the RoHS Directive?
A: Our materials and manufacturing processes were converted to RoHS-compliance several years ago. All of our current products are fully RoHS-compliant.

Q: Are your PM stepper motors suitable for worldwide use?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you accept credit card payment for goods?
A: Yes, payment can be made using Mastercard or Visa. We cannot process American Express or any other card type.

Q: What are your lead times?
A: Samples of standard products are normally available ex-stock or within 1-3 days. Custom designs and large quantities obviously take longer, but we generally set up a call-off schedule to ensure that a steady supply can be guaranteed.