Q: Can Astrosyn supply form/fit/function replacements for military specification AC motors?
A: Yes, this is a speciality of ours and we have wide experience of providing this service, especially for naval projects on a world-wide basis.

Q: Can Astrosyn repair and refurbish AC motors originally made by other manufacturers?
A: In general, yes, and we have undertaken this work over many years, in particular for RN and ex-RN naval vessels.

Q: Do you offer customised motors?
A: Yes, although sharing a common defence-standard heritage, all of our special AC motors are custom built. As such, there is an almost unlimited range of custom options, including shock ratings, IP ratings, magnetic and N&V performance, balancing planes, special shafts, flanges, wiring, connectors and accessories such as gearboxes and brakes. We would be pleased to quote for your specific requirement.

Q: Do you offer submersible AC motors?
A: Yes, we can supply special AC motors for submersible operation, e.g., oil platforms, deep wells, sewage and dredging applications. Our designs include surface cooled and forced cooled models, which cover all combinations of continuous and intermittent duty and wet or dry running at maximum power levels. Please contact us regarding your requirements.

Q: What are your lead times?
A: The nature of these products is such that they are only manufactured against orders. The lead times are generally in the order of months, including approval of engineering drawings, procurement of long lead-time items such as castings, precision machining and assembly times, and comprehensive in-house testing.