MY23RMDAMP Stepper Motor Damper NEMA 23/24


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Product Description

Flange mounted vibration stepper motor damper suitable for sizes 23 and 24 motors.

Key Features

  • Lightweight Vibration Damper
  • Suitable for NEMA 23 and 24 Motors
  • Easy Connection to Motor Flange
  • Thin profile suited to standard length shaft
  • Threaded mounting holes
  • Large access hole for spigot
  • Fabrication: Coated steel mounting plates connected by rubber compound
  • Damper thickness: 10mm thick
  • Mounting holes: On pair threaded holes (M4), one pair unthreaded holes (5mm)
  • Central hole: Hole diameter 40mm
  • Mass: 53g

These dampers stop noise and vibration.  Ideal on 3D printers.

Also available for NEMA 16/17 Motors

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Data Sheets

MY23RMDAMP Technical Datasheet

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